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Follow step-by-step as Colette creates a professional stop-motion video. You'll learn her exact processes and techniques— from creating a shotlist, setting up the scene, lighting, animating, editing, music/sound design to the final export.

Teach me!

An 8-part online course designed to give you the groundwork to build a lucrative career as an independent stop-motion artist working with brands across the globe.


A LIVE, 90-minute online workshop with Colette Peri, teaching you how to seamlessly combine video + stop-motion using your camera... and how to market this format to your clients.



quick & easy stop motion

After this beginner's class, you’ll be able to create your very own stop-motion videos straight from your phone! I’m going to take you through the process of creating a stop-motion step by step.

learn stop motion


Colette teaches stop-motion animation workshops at events and conferences!

Alt Summit

Adobe max 2020 & 2022

Sony kando 2019

Here’s what past students had to say:

“Colette’s class at Kando 3.0 was the perfect mix of instruction and practical! From a freelance photographer perspective I wanted to take away new skills and inspiration from Kando 3.0 and Colette’s Stop Motion class did this for me! 

It was really interesting to see how Stop Motion could be used for commercial work and the opportunity to then walk through a class project and then break into smaller groups to try it for ourselves really helped cement the knowledge needed to take this new skill home.

Her set design was fabulous and I left enthused and excited to try this new creative outlet for myself and for future clients. Thanks Colette for being so helpful, and thank you Sony Kando for offering such a fun interactive workshop on your schedule!”

-Debby Walpole, Sony Kando Trip 3.0 attendee

“I loved Colette’s class! Really, really. It was so different from my normal photography and so fun to just play with the creativity of turning pictures into movies. I really enjoyed hearing how she came to doing stop motion and finding the magic in making pictures move. That’s exactly what stop motion seems like to me, a little bit of magic in every one as it comes together. Her passion was really apparent in what she shared.”

-Elena Fracchia, Sony Kando Trip 3.0 attendee

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