Make a career out of your creativity.

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with Coco Peri

An 8-part online course designed to give you the groundwork to build a lucrative career as an independent artist working with brands all over the world.

You’ll walk away with confidence in your work and how you price it, numerous leads on potential clients, and a strategic toolkit for running your business.

Trust me, I’ve felt this struggle because no guidelines existed...
until now.

"Where are the guidelines for this career path?!"

"how do i reach out to brands and get clients?"

"how do I price my work as an artist?"

You've been asking...

As a stop-motion artist, it can be tricky to navigate the business side of things.

Here's the thing...

Know exactly how to price your work on every job.

get ready to...


Pitch to your dream clients with ease and confidence.

Have an inbox full of inquires from your favorite brands.

Learn the groundwork to grow a successful stop-motion business.

Over the years, I've been asked how I landed clients like Sony, Starbucks, Red Bull, Dunkin', Pottery Barn and Expedia.

Now, I’m ready to pass on the business knowledge to YOU

From defining your artistic style, building credibility and a portfolio, pitching to brands, pricing your work like a boss, negotiating and writing contracts to finally getting booked with your dream clients, 
I created this course to take you step-by-step into the magic of working with brands. 

By following along with the same methods I’ve personally used over the years, this course will transform your career and take it to the next level.

It's time to make some...

I'm so in!

let's do this

Hi, I’m Coco Peri! 

I’m a stop-motion artist who created a career out of my passion for magic. I never planned to leave the 9-5 job life and always envisioned myself working at a big company with a kick-ass salary. 

But when I decided to *try* going full-time freelance for just 6 months to see what would happen? The career I never thought was possible came to fruition.

Within one year, I was running my own stop-motion business that had me doing what I love full-time— and the craziest part? I doubled my previous salary in the first year and broke the ceilings of what I ever thought to be possible.

It wasn’t easy— I struggled with confidence, not knowing who to ask for help, how much to charge, and was unsure of how to pitch my work.

I built this course to be what I WISH I had when I first started, jam-packed with all of the magic and strategy I’ve used to create a thriving business. 

I’m ready to walk you through it, step-by-step so that you too can build YOUR dream career.

Watch the trailer

Brand Magic is all about giving everyone a chance to make magic for a living.

Whether you've just made your first stop-motion or are a seasoned artist working with the leading brands, this course will be your roadmap to success.

To wrap it up, we’ll talk about how to get booked out and thrive as an artist so you can create a career that lasts a lifetime. 

You’ll end up ready to dive into a promising business and I’ll be there for you as a mentor.

Plus, your work will be so attractive, that even I am prepared to pass jobs your way and share the love in this highly demanded line of work.

get booked and thrive as an artist

Now that you know what you charge, it’s time to learn how to ace a client call, deliver a concept deck, make a contract and get paid. 

I’ll prepare you for your client calls and give you exact questions to ask as the expert. You’ll end your calls with full confidence that brands want to work with YOU and respect and value your creative process.

You’ll then learn how to create a professional concept deck that pitches winning ideas without wasting time and money.

You'll also get my customizable contract template that will ensure you get paid on time, don’t get dragged through multiple rounds of edits, and avoid common mishaps.

negotiate like a pro and get paid

Feeling anxious anytime a brand asks for your pricing? This is the chapter we’ve all been waiting for… where you’ll learn to FINALLY know how much to charge for your work. 

I’ll walk you through the exact math to figure out your personal rate that will give you the lifestyle you truly desire without feeling imposter syndrome.

Lastly, say goodbye to stressful estimates and uncertainty when it comes to pricing out jobs. I’ll show you the inner workings of my custom pricing system and provide you with your own spreadsheet ready to customize for daily use.

finally know how much you charge

By this point, you’ll be ready to CONFIDENTLY pitch to brands

We’ll create your unique media kit and I’ll teach you step-by-step how to write winning pitch emails that actually get responses and turn into jobs.

Once you begin communication with a brand, you’ll need to sell them on your creativity. In this chapter, you’ll build a never-ending bank of concepts that will wow your clients and ensure they want to work with you, before you’ve even sent a concept deck.

confidently pitching to brands

This chapter dives deep into the brand world and industry lingo to set you up for success.

First, I’ll walk you through how to expand your network to increase the referrals and inquiries that will land in your inbox.

Next, you’ll become a true expert in the eyes of your #1 dream client and be able to communicate with them smoothly and effectively. With a background in marketing & advertising, I’m giving you my cheat sheet with must-know industry terms and lingo that will position you for success with each unique brand you work with.

grow to know the industry

This chapter is all about my proven methods for getting noticed by brands on Instagram. 

You'll learn the 4 key indicators of what type of content is compelling to brands, so you can create work that attracts and drives inquiries.

I’m giving you my custom chart to best optimize content on each social media platform and by the end of this chapter, you’ll have a plan for building the most effective portfolio pieces that will convert to paying jobs. 

Plus, I'm sharing my personal DM templates that you can customize to reach out to any brand on Instagram.

getting noticed by brands

In order to capture the attention of your dream clients, you’ll first find out which brands align best with you and your work. We’ll start your personalized dream client list that you’ll soon find out how to make a reality.

I’ll talk through mistakes I made trying to get one of my top clients, and the secrets to how I ultimately got their attention and booked multiple stop-motion projects with them.

No more wondering what the heck to post on Instagram! By the end of this chapter you’ll have revamped your account in a way that shows cohesiveness and credibility.

Building Credibility

If you’ve ever felt like your work is a mashup of multiple styles and you can’t seem to hone in on just one... I’ve been there! No more feeling lost in a sea of other creatives and feeling like you aren’t shining.

In this chapter I’ll teach you how to attract more brands by identifying and owning your unique style as an artist.

I’ll then show you how to identify creative trends so you can finally stand out from the crowd.

Defining Your Unique Style as an Artist 


Here's what you'll learn


This course will be a pivotal moment in your career.

take the course at your own pace

print or fill workbooks digitally

Become Part of a growing industry

Follow coco's proven roadmap

Payment Plan

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3 payments of

  • Brand Magic course ($1777 value)

  • Stop-Motion with Colette Peri course ($997 value)— Learn step-by-step as Colette creates a pro stop motion video from start to finish.

Learn More about the stop motion course


Choose a la CARTE or the bundle deal

4 payments of $445



PAY IN FULL at $1777, or use the payment plan to pay over 4 months!


what past students are saying about the course...

Emilia learned how to pitch and market herself as a freelance stop-motion artist in Brand Magic— and has since built a stop-motion studio called Pairem with her biz partner in Germany!


Ross, a creative based in Dominican Republic, struggled with the business side of things like pricing, contracts and emails. Since taking Brand Magic, her income is now DOUBLE what it used to be and she has felt an immense shift in her confidence day-to-day!


Emily took Brand Magic and completely pivoted her career path to become a full-time, booked out stop-motion artist in California!

EMILY from

"I am absolutely loving the Brand Magic course! The pace of the course is great and makes becoming a full-time freelancer seem approachable and possible!"

- Maria Lattanzio, Brand Magic student

"As someone who was ready to dive into her business but didn’t know where to start and lacked some fundamental knowledge like pitching to clients and pricing, this class was a lifesaver!! It also gave me the confidence to keep following my dream and make the jump into freelancing!"

- emilia puentes, Brand Magic student

"This course is just fantastic. Full of great tips that have helped me extremely on the way to my dream. Through the course I have avoided many mistakes that I would have otherwise surely made. My favorite part: Chapter 6 - Finally know how much to charge. It probably would have taken me years to gather this knowledge myself."

- Jens Nühlen, Brand Magic student

"It's say it's just the right length, not too long that you can't find the time (I have two toddlers and a full time job) but it's all the relevant bits you're looking for when starting out or developing your creative career. It's especially helpful for stop motion artists, but anyone who needs to win more work in a creative career will find this valuable."

- Marisa Crimlis-Brown, Brand Magic student

"I am a graphic designer that runs a stationery business - so I entered this course with a bit of a different objective than I think most. I was looking for another way to market my business and be creative at the same time. I really enjoyed Chapters 1-3 -- building the mood board and coming up with ideas for brands was such a good assignment for not just stop motion, but also my graphic design business. This course was the creative outlet I didn't know I needed and I have loved every moment of it!"

- steph krahn, Brand Magic student

"The course was worth it and can be paid off by taking on one job. The course comes with a Contract to help you get started and this was a big win!"

- Shannen Siramarco, Brand Magic student

"Coco's Brand Magic course has been a game changer!! I just started my freelance journey right before I started the course and I really needed the guidance and support I got from Coco's lessons. It really is the best investment I've made in my career. If you're looking to further your career and gain confidence in pricing and pitching yourself to brands, among many other things, then this course is for you!!"

- Carlie Smale, Brand Magic student

"The way I looked at it is 'can I make back the money for this class with the info I learned in this course?". And the answer is yes, you easily can."

- Kim Kovacik, Brand Magic student

"This course is perfect for someone who really wants to take things to the next level and get the support they need to start their business. Especially if they have no experience and need the resources to get started. (LOVED the templates that we can edit and keep as our own!)"

- emilia puentes, Brand Magic student

"This course is gold! Coco takes the participants by the hand and guides them step by step through the transition to a professional and confident artist and entrepreneur. The course was the best investment ever! Take it! It is not only for stop motion artists, but for everyone who wants to work with brands."

- Maria Schöpe, Brand Magic student

"Thank you Colette for this course ! It helped me a lot with administrative tasks (like contract or emails pitch for example). I'm French, so your templates will help me a lot cause I wanted to reach international companies, but I was blocked with language. And liked the concept deck and the media kit templates too!"

- Mannaïg Fouillen, Brand Magic student

"Truthfully I was a bit apprehensive before I bought in because I've been working as a freelancer for almost 2 years now, but this was just what I needed. It has the nitty gritty details that I've always wondered about/needed to hear."

- Kim Kovacik, Brand Magic student

"What a terrific course! I really enjoyed Coco's positivity and the tips and guidance were all really helpful. I certainly appreciated the insights into her actual contracts, emails, and other resources she's used with clients. The downloadable materials were all super useful (and practical too!)."

- Marisa Crimlis-Brown, Brand Magic student

"I totally understand being worried about making an investment in yourself before you are making money as a freelancer, I was in the same boat but without this course and the support I may never have gained the confidence to charge my worth as a creative and get to a place where I'm actually helping to support my family financially!"

- Carlie Smale, Brand Magic student

"This course is truly game-changing to me and the one missing part of my work life as a freelance creator! I can't thank you enough, Coco! I'm so blessed to have finally found such an amazing mentor!"

- Mina Manafi, Brand Magic student

"This was a great course. My favorite aspect was the guidance surrounding marketing. Creating a list of brands, finding the contact info, designing the media kit and the pitch deck. Very helpful for where I'm at in my career."

- Christine Siracusa, Brand Magic student

"The information she provided is raw, real, and much needed. Sharing information I think is a sign of a true artist and educator and I am grateful that I had the chance of learning from her and of course if and when she has any more courses I will be the first to sign up."

- Kanchana Mirpuri, Brand Magic student

This      for you if:

You want to make stop-motion into a full-time job.

You have zero time to invest in building your business.

You’re confident in your creativity, but can’t seem to get enough eyes on your work, or you struggle to pitch yourself.

You work internally at a larger business with no intentions of setting out on your own.

You have brands reaching out, but don’t know how much to charge.

It's probably          for you if...

You are VERY much a beginner in your creative field and still need to focus on the technical / production side of things.


It's probably       
for you if...


Teamwork makes the dream work.


Have your own unique style that is so clearly YOU, people recognize your work instantly.

Let's get down to business!

Be able to attract your DREAM brands and turn them into clients.



the results you're going to get:

No more stress + anxiety about how much to charge. You can price jobs with EASE.


Wake up every morning knowing you’re getting paid to do what you LOVE.


Become an EXPERT in what brands need when it comes to their social content.


Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for those who already feel comfortable shooting stop-motion videos (or creating whatever type of art they like) and are ready for help on the business side of things. However, check out Colette's stop-motion course to learn the technical part of it!

What if I am a beginner at stop-motion and still need to learn the technical side of things? Will you teach any of that?

Your success is our success. Colette's true passion is teaching others how to pursue their creativity, and she wants nothing more than for you to succeed. That’s why she has put everything she possibly knows into this course. She has shared every secret. She wants to help you make money, and feels confident that what she teaches you in this course will allow you to earn back the money with client work. The more professional stop-motion artists, the more this exciting industry can grow.

What makes this course special?

Nope! For some of you, you may be building your business on the side of your full-time job— ready to take the leap as soon as it feels feasible. The goal will be to help you attract enough work to make the jump!

Do I need to already be a full-time artist for this course to be valuable?

The course is made to take at your own pace, but it’s also extremely efficient, snackable, and has zero fluff so you can soak up the knowledge as quickly as possible— if that’s more your style! We recommend setting aside at least 1-3 hours for each chapter.

I’m soooo busy. Do I have time to take this course?

No. Although the course was made with stop-motion artists in mind, and many examples pertain to stop-motion, the lessons can apply to any type of artist who wants to work with brands as their clients. If you’re a graphic designer, illustrator, videographer or another type of creative— this course will teach you how to thrive as an artist working with brands.

Is this only for stop-motion artists?

This course can be taken at your own pace! We recommend completing 1-2 chapters per week, which means you can finish the course in 4-8 weeks!

How long will the course take me?

The entire course can be done right from home— all you need is WiFi! There are 8 chapters which each have a workbook to download, a video lesson, and a checklist to review what we’ve learned at the end. Each video lesson also has a discussion section, where we can interact and discuss whatever you’d like! This is a perfect place for students to support each other.

What’s the format of the course?

When you sign up, you'll get access to the course portal and can get started right away! You will always have access to the course material in order to take it at your own pace, or revisit sections at any time. The course may be updated in the future and you will have access to the latest version. If the course platform were to ever close, you will be emailed a downloadable folder with all materials via dropbox or drive.

When will i have access to the course materials?


Once you sign up for the course, you'll get a welcome email that links you to the online course portal. You'll have access to everything by logging in there!

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this digital course— we do not offer refunds once you've signed up. If you have any hesitations at all, please reach out to prior to purchasing so we can make sure it's the right fit for you!


No, you will not have access to Colette throughout the course. However, the material is very comprehensive and you should have everything you need within the material to understand her processes and techniques. If there are any technical issues with your access/login while taking the course, please reach out to

is the material in brand magic relevant to students based outside the usa?

Many Brand Magic alum are based outside the USA and the material taught is definitely applicable to any market. The custom pricing system Colette teaches allows you to customize for your own lifestyle, and the contract is a starting point for anybody with room to tweak as needed.