create a pro stop-motion video from start to finish.

You’ll walk away knowing exactly how I created this video!

If you’re like I was, you’ve been dreaming of mastering stop-motion— you want to elevate your content, market your business, and add a new skillset to your toolbox.

The technical side of stop-motion can be daunting, so I'm here to change that.

I remember as I was first learning, specifically struggling with...

"how do i get even lighting?"

"which camera settings should i use?"

"how do i get my camera mounted overhead without tripod legs in the shot?"

Stop-motion is an opportunity to express your creativity using a mix of technology and magic. 

"WHAT ARE the best export settings to make my video look high quality on social media?" 

As I continued to master my craft, I learned more advanced techniques like masking in Premiere Pro, shooting for multiple aspect ratios, and music + sound design.

And finally, I’m able to give you a shortcut to learn it all. I’ve created this course to walk you through my exact processes and techniques— step-by-step in a live studio setting, so you can become a pro in no time.

After our time together you will even have a full video from start to finish, produced under your name. It’ll be like magic.

Have made your own epic professional
stop-motion video.



Finally grasp shooting in manual on your camera.

Understand how to work with continuous studio lights.

Animate like the stop-motion pros with Dragonframe.

Learn the tricks to edit your photos in Lightroom.

Master video editing in Premiere Pro, with advanced techniques like masking.

Learn the art of sound design and how to find + utilize SFX.

Know how to find and cut royalty-free music.









You'll also get...

  • My recommended gear for shooting and editing stop-motion in studio.

  • My special export settings template for high-quality videos on social media!


Teach me!!!

Hi, I’m CoLETTE! 

I went from being a creative who dabbled with her camera to building a stop-motion studio working for the world’s leading brands such as Starbucks, Pottery Barn Kids, Dunkin’, Asics, Redbull and more.

How did I get there?

I fell in love with magic as a kid and followed that same passion to make a career as a stop-motion artist. My work is short & sweet, clever and engaging, bright and colorful.

I’m self-taught, and it’s been quite a long journey to get where I am today. I ALWAYS wished there was someone to show me the way when I was up all night trying to figure out how to light my scene properly, figure out the bells & whistles within Dragonframe, edit more efficiently in Premiere and SO much more. 

I’ve always been passionate about teaching others what I know— and this course is where I get to show you behind the scenes to reveal my exact methods for creating the work we do in my studio.


Quiet on set?

Nope, not around here. I’m sharing everything so that you can start creating the magic you've always wanted to!

This part of the process is always so exciting because we get to enjoy the magic we’ve created!

In this section we will…
  • Edit our photos from scratch in Lightroom with advanced techniques like gradient filters and spot removal
  • Use Premiere Pro to edit our stop-motion with lessons on timing, nests, masking, retouching and more
  • Add music and sound design to our video using my go-to royalty-free resources
  • Export our final video optimized for social and enjoy the magic! 

EDITING: See it all come together!

The world of animation is magical and often complex. I’ll teach you the basics and many advanced techniques as well!

In this section we will…
  • Discover Dragonframe basics to make the program feel super user-friendly
  • Animate for multi-movement masking— one of my favorite advanced stop-motion effects
  • Learn how to achieve a burst effect
  • Make an object hop up towards the camera
  • Explore easing and increments— plus learn how to make them precise with drawing layers
  • Wrap the shoot and transfer our files

ANIMATING: This is where the magic happens!

A great stop-motion video always has lots of planning that happens in advance.

In this section we will…
  • Plan our concept and create a shotlist
  • Get set up in our shoot space
  • Fine-tune our camera settings to avoid common mistakes
  • Set up a project folder hub to stay organized
  • Light the scene professionally with minimal equipment
  • Style our key image— a beautiful flatlay!

Pre-Production: Get Prepped for your Shoot!

We’ll start off by getting prepped with everything you’ll need for the course!

In this section we will…

  • Grab our must-have tools to make stop-motion
  • Download the computer programs we’ll be shooting and editing with
  • Make sure everything is good to go, using my gear checklist


the course follows step-by-step as i create a high quality stop-motion video!


What's in the course?


  • Creative humans!

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


Let's do this!

SO, how much does it cost?

3 payments of $333

3 payments of



  • Stop-Motion with Colette Peri course ($997 value) 

  • Brand Magic course— Colette's signature program teaching you the BUSINESS side of turning your creativity into a career ($1777 value)

Pay in full for the best savings at $997, or use the payment plan to pay over 3 months!

Choose a la CARTE or the bundle deal

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Here's what past students are saying about COLETTE'S COURSES...

"I first discovered Coco and her work while watching the Adobe MAX conference and have been so inspired to be creative and move out of my comfort zone ever since. I am a graphic designer that runs a stationery business - so I entered this course with a bit of a different objective than I think most. I was looking for another way to market my business and be creative at the same time. Stop motion has been so fun to learn and play with! This course was the creative outlet I didn't know I needed and I have loved every moment of it!"

- steph krahn, Brand Magic student

"This course is truly game-changing to me and the one missing part of my work life as a freelance creator! I can't thank you enough, Coco! I'm so blessed to have finally found such an amazing mentor!"

- Mina Manafi, Brand Magic student

"This course is just fantastic. Full of great tips that have helped me extremely on the way to my dream. Through the course I have avoided many mistakes that I would have otherwise surely made."

- Jens Nühlen, Brand Magic student

"The information she provides is raw, real, and much needed. Sharing information I think is a sign of a true artist and educator and I am grateful that I had the chance to learn from her and of course if and when she has any more courses, I will be the first to sign up."

- Kanchana Mirpuri, Brand Magic student

"I am absolutely loving the Brand Magic course! The pace of the course is great and makes becoming a full-time freelancer seem approachable and possible!"

- Maria Lattanzio, Brand Magic student

"As someone who was ready to dive into her business but didn’t know where to start and lacked some fundamental knowledge like pitching to clients and pricing, Brand Magic was a lifesaver!! It also gave me the confidence to keep following my dream and make the jump into freelancing!"

- emilia puentes, Brand Magic student

"Coco's Brand Magic course has been a game changer!! I just started my freelance journey right before I started the course and I really needed the guidance and support I got from Coco's lessons. It really is the best investment I've made in my career. If you're looking to further your career and gain confidence in pricing and pitching yourself to brands, among many other things, then this course is for you!!"

- Carlie Smale, Brand Magic student

"Thank you Colette for this Brand Magic course ! It helped me a lot with administrative tasks (like contract or emails pitch for example). I'm French, so your templates will help me a lot cause I wanted to reach international companies, but I was blocked with language. And liked the concept deck and the media kit templates too!"

- Mannaïg Fouillen, Brand Magic student

"Truthfully I was a bit apprehensive before I bought in because I've been working as a freelancer for almost 2 years now, but Brand Magic was just what I needed. It has the nitty gritty details that I've always wondered about/needed to hear."

- Kim Kovacik, Brand Magic student

A roadmap to bring your stop-motion concept to life from start to finish.


An understanding of gear + lighting principles and how to achieve soft or hard shadows.



the results you're going to get:

Become knowledgeable working in Dragonframe, using the software to animate like a pro using advanced methods.


Finally know how to edit and export a professional video with Premiere Pro.


In-depth understanding of Lightroom with the ability to edit a RAW photo to perfection. 



Frequently Asked Questions

You will have immediate access to the course upon purchasing and can get started right away.

When will I have access to the course? 

This course teaches intermediate and advanced techniques, but it is beginner friendly (not for the faint of heart!) as long as you pay close attention. We will go over settings for your camera, lighting the scene, animating, and all post-production aspects of making a stop-motion video. 

How advanced is the course? I have a camera but I’ve never used it on the manual setting. 

You will always have access to the course material in order to take it at your own pace, or revisit sections at any time. The course may be updated in the future and you will have access to the latest version. If the course platform were to ever close, you will be emailed a downloadable folder with all materials via dropbox or drive.

How long will I have access to the course? 

Yes, in order to take the course and be able to create a video like the one being taught, you will need access to Dragonframe, Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Premiere Pro. The intro section will walk you through how to get everything you need and discount codes may be provided!

Do I need my own Dragonframe and Adobe subscriptions to take the course?

While the course is made up of around 3 hours of instructional video, each student will be able to take the course at their own pace. You might decide to work on your stop-motion video alongside the course or wait until after watching the lessons.

How long will it take me to complete the course? 

You will need a camera, computer, tether cable, c-stand, studio light, backdrop, and something to black out the windows in the room where you are shooting. Everything will be listed out for you with links before you get started!

What gear will I need to follow along in thE course? 


Once you sign up for the course, you'll get a welcome email that links you to the online course portal. You'll have access to everything by logging in there!

Do you offer refunds? 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this digital course— we do not offer refunds once you've signed up. If you have any hesitations at all, please reach out to hello@coletteperi.com prior to purchasing so we can make sure it's the right fit for you!


Currently, if you sign up for the course you get access to discounts at:
- Soundsnap
- Premium Beat
- Dragonframe

IF i buy Brand magic on its own at a later date instead of signing up for the bundle, how much will it cost?

The current price of Brand Magic on its own is $1777. Pricing is always subject to change.

is the material in brand magic relevant to students based outside the usa?

Many Brand Magic alum are based outside the USA and the material taught is definitely applicable to any market. The custom pricing system Colette teaches allows you to customize for your own lifestyle, and the contract is a starting point for anybody with room to tweak as needed.

will these prices always stay the same?

The price you see on this page is what it is currently at, but the pricing is always subject to change. Please make an informed decision if this is the right time and right fit for you.


No, you will not have access to Colette throughout the course. However, the material is very comprehensive and you should have everything you need within the material to understand her processes and techniques. If there are any technical issues with your access/login while taking the course, please reach out to hello@coletteperi.com.


No, you will not have access to Colette throughout the course. However, the material is very comprehensive and you should have everything you need within the material to understand her processes and techniques. If there are any technical issues with your access/login while taking the course, please reach out to hello@coletteperi.com.